Sunday, 20 May 2012

Burger and Lobster

Well we finally tried out Burger and Lobster, and guess what? There were no queue's. At least outside that is. Inside, we were informed that it would be a fifteen to thirty minutes wait, but to have a drink at the bar and they would call us. I must point out though that this was a Saturday lunch spot at about 1.30, not really a peak time, is it ?
The first thing that struck us was the busy buzzy atmosphere. There were a few single spaces by the bar available so don't be put off if your on your own at all, getting a seat should be far easier.

From memory, I'm sure I was told the place seated around sixty. The space consists of one long room split in the middle. Then a raised area at the rear which houses the open kitchen and toilets. Seating is varied with seemingly ever bit of available space taken up with table or counter space.

There is no menu as such, apart that is from a drinks menu. The format is simple Burger or Lobster. There are variations however, like a lobster roll or a larger lobster. Pricing again is simple. £20 buys you a burger with fries, side salad and a dressing. The same with the lobster and the lobster roll, its £20. We were offered a larger lobster than the one and a half pound standard. That was quoted as £30 or you could choose one of the big boys listed on the board by the kitchen.

Now then I was wondering why so many people were actually ordering burgers rather than the more luxury item. In fact it looked like over fifty per cent of diners in our section chose the burger. That is one big profit boost for the owners because £20 for a burger is an awful lot of money.
We ordered a lobster each and were given logo'd plastic bibs, and matching hand wipes.

The platter's arrived tableside looking like the dogs goolies. The beast had been cooked then split in half and lightly grilled, you are given an option if you would like the grilling element. On reflection I would not take that choice again. We were surprised at how large the first half lobster actually was. It was quite generous indeed. However having said that the other half which was underneath was about a third smaller and quite a bit chewy too. Not bad enough to spoil the meal, or in fact send it back, but sufficient enough to mention it too our waitress.

Chef had in fact split both large and small lobster between us and without prompting, my other half commented about the size and bite of the smaller one.
The larger lobster was all that you could perhaps expect at this price point. It was delicious, certainly not the best you will eat, perhaps far from it in fact, but for £20 for the platter its as good your going to get.

We opted for the garlic, lemon butter accompaniment. There is though a simple butter choice. For me and after a while, I found the lemon a bit overpowering. My wife thought it was fine. Witness the tail soaking up the juices.
The fries were fab, really, really tasty. Seasoned correctly and skinny enough to devour four or five at a time. Delish!
The salad was a disappointment. It had some interesting leaves, but it had stood around too long with the dressing on them which resulted in them loosing a lot of their vitality.

The table next to us both had the burger. I have to admit they did look very appealing, but we only really wanted the one thing anyway, the lobster.

Whilst we waited for a table we had a drink by the bar, The drinks list looks very interesting, if your a drinker of course. We both fancied a beer, an English bitter no less. We opted for Harvey's Best (£4.50) a new one on me. I had a pint, my missus had a half and do you know what it was fine, so we stuck with that choice throughout the meal.
The bar staff will encourage you to start a tab, but I advise you to pay for your bar drinks separately, or you will be levied a service charge on your final bill.

We skipped desserts. In fact I'm not really sure if there were any. But in any event we were sated. In fact after a big tasting menu the day before, this was just what my wife and I craved, and it did deliver.

To sum up then.

This is a very slick operation. I put two hours parking on the car but we were out of there after one hour twenty minutes. That time included waiting at the bar (20 mins approx) and a shortish wait to receive and pay the bill, go to the loo etc. The place has a good feel to it and we can easily see how it is a popular haunt with the young trendy types who seemed to be the most visible.
Rumour has it that the owners (Goodman) have  two further sites to roll out the brand, and I would suggest that if they are looking for investors, go for it. £20 for a burger and chips is teaching Mcdonalds more than a thing or two about the burger market.. Square Meal Burger & Lobster on Urbanspoon

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