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So finally we get around to trying MEATliquor. This burger joint  has been well and truly blogged by everyone and his brother. It has been on my list since it first opened but for one reason or another I never got around to it. Location wise its not great, certainly with regard to footfall. At the base of an NCP car park with an unassuming entrance it is easy to miss. Let your nose be the guide however, because you can smell it well before you arrive at the door.

The interior is bold and brash and more than a bit vulgar. Its dark, dingy, and loud with red neon strip lighting. This does not stop the purdy young thangs from enjoying themselves though, it all adds to the excitement. So popular is this place that timing is very important if you want to avoid the enormous queues. Our wait was about thirty minutes in total. Ten minutes at the door and twenty minutes at the bar drinking one of these, in an ice cold glass.

We were craving comfort food after a serious day of fine dining the day before. Comfort food is pretty much all of the menu here so we hit the it big time.
Having had a few decent burgers in recent times, but far,far from being an expert we were trusting others for directing us here as mostly the reviews have been very positive.
Of course on reflection we ordered too much food. Instead of feeding two, what we had could have fed three or even four, but what was left we had it doggie bagged.

So it all arrived at the same time on one tray. Clockwise as follows. Fries (£3) Deep fried pickles with blue cheese dip (£3) Bingo Wings (chicken wings £5) Slaw (£3) Onion Rings (£3) Dirty Chicken Burger (£7) Dead Hippie burger (£7.50)

Both burgers were good. The chicken pattie (breast meat) was battered then deep fried. It was moist and flavoursome. The beef (two patties) again was tasty and the meat had not been overworked being crumbly rather than dense. I did not ask what was in the "dead hippie sauce" The rest of the burger consisted of cheese, lettuce, pickles and minced white onions.

The onion rings and the deep fried pickles were wonderful, due mainly to the superb light as a feather, crispy, well seasoned batter.
I thought the fries to be disappointing, just ordinary, We had better at Burger and Lobster. The slaw was OK too.
More than anything else, apart from the food that is, everyone was having a ball. To our left and to our right frivolity reigned supreme. If you are a twosome be prepared to share a table, as we did with two separate groups during the span of the meal.

 Its fair to say on entering MEATliquor with its loud music and weird decor that I was unsure as to whether or not we would  like the place, but it did grow on us.
For what it offers it does it well. The food overall is of a good standard. Its reasonably priced, not quite a bargain but not overpriced. Service was very pleasant. No doubt prompted by the lack of a fixed service charge.

If your after a good burger and fries for about a tenner this is the place to be.

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